Dark Passion

Dark Passion rev c

We have a limited supply of coffee wine up on the shelf. Dark passion is made with a specialty blend of robust dark roast coffee beans. This wine gives you the rich aroma and flavor of coffee. It’s like drinking a mildly spiked cold brew. Great ingredient or pairing with tiramisu or cheesecake. Might even work as a substitute for coffee red wine marinades. Must try for black coffee drinkers.


Its finally bottled!!! The most awaited wine is now availableĀ at the main winery… and soon to come at the Latrobe outlet.

94-Fifteen rev c

East meets West in a perfect marriage of luscious mango and floral linden tea. Why 94-Fifteen? This recipe was made especially for our wedding on Sept 4, 2015. 94-Fifteen was the moniker I came up with for Daniel to always remember when our wedding anniversary is. Ingenious!

Come and visit us to enjoy this wine unique to Ungrapeful Winery!


New Unique Wines

Our first installment of new and unique wines have been out for a couple months and has been pretty well received.

Grumpy Monkey rev c

GRUMPY MONKEY is a full bodied sweet banana wine. 600 lbs of bananas were used to make this year’s vintage.

Summer Solstice rev e

SUMMER SOLSTICE is a family favorite. This wine brings interesting tones of grape and honey made with 100% Linden tea. Must try for tea lovers.